1. With HU offering classes online for Fall 2020, will HU offices now be open?

HU buildings, but for HU controlled student housing, will remain physically closed for all of Fall 2020. This includes both the Harrisburg and Philadelphia locations.

All HU employees will continue to work from home but for those Staff directly involved in the life-support of students such as student services, student housing, security, maintenance, information technology, and student mental healthcare personnel. Only staff from these functional areas, in addition to facility cleaning and maintenance (e.g., maintenance of aquaponics facilities), may enter University facilities on a regular basis. Additionally, HU personnel who are directly involved in the provision of food and supplies to students may enter University facilities.

  1. How will HU offices help me if employees are working from home?

As we have operated since March, HU will not physically staff onsite student facing functions including but not limited to the Registrar’s Office, the Library, the Office of Admissions, the Business Office, the Office of International Students, and the Financial Aid Office from University facilities. Rather, these functions will remain staffed during normal business hours and employees will timely respond to student inquiries and needs by both email and telephone.


Office Email
Business Office BusinessOffice@harrisburgu.edu
Counseling counseling@harrisburgu.edu
Financial Aid financialaid@harrisburgu.edu
Graduate Student Services GradStudentServices@harrisburgu.edu
International Student Office isohelp@harrisburgu.edu
IT Help Desk https://ithelp.harrisburgu.edu/support/home
Library library@harrisburgu.edu
Records & Registration reghelp@harrisburgu.edu
Security HUSecurity@HarrisburgU.edu
Student Services Studentservices@harrisburgu.edu
Residence Life housing@my.harrisburgu.edu
Career Services careerservices@harrisburgu.edu
Experiential Learning (Projects and Internships) rharriger@harrisburgu.edu

Over the next month, each functional area will be providing students with updated information regarding online services. Rest assured, the HU teams will still be there to support you with the same care and consideration.


  1. Will Faculty be working from home?

Yes, the working from home protocol includes all course delivery. Faculty will continue to offer regular office hours electronically and can be readily reached through email. Faculty emails are available through HU’s Faculty and Staff Directory at: https://harrisburgu.edu/faculty-and-staff-listing/


  1. What if I need a laboratory course to graduate on time?

In order for senior students to meet graduation requirements, plans are being developed to allow limited access for a concentrated period of time to HU laboratories consistent with CDC and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania COVID-19 guidelines. Additional information will be posted in the near future.


  1. Will Fall 2020 online course delivery continue for the entire semester even if staff return to campus and buildings reopen?

Yes. The decision to provide online course delivery will continue until the end of the semester regardless if employees physically return to campus.


  1. Will Spring 2021 also be online?

It is premature to make any decisions regarding the Spring 2021 semester, but HU will continue monitoring COVID-19 developments throughout the Fall.


  1. Will housing be available for students to be physically on campus for Fall 2020?

Limited housing will be available for HU Students who require it due to personal circumstances that interfere with their ability to continue their HU education. The housing process will be through an application and screening process. For those students that have already applied for housing, check your HU email address for more information coming later this week. For those who did not apply, but may need housing, please reach out to housing@my.harrisburgu.edu.

Housing will operate in a manner similar to break or holiday status. It will be treated as a privilege and can be revoked if a student does not follow the rules that have been put in place to protect the health and safety of those in housing or have not followed the directions of HU staff.

Any student who is selected for student housing must actively participate in online instruction to remain in HU student housing.

  1. Will Residence Life and Student Services be onsite for those in housing?

Yes, Residence Life and Student Services will staff the limited number of students in  housing since these are life-supporting functions.


  1. On what basis will students be selected for housing?

Those selected for housing are students who require it in order to continue making satisfactory academic progress at HU. Factors that will be considered for selection include:

  • The need to access technology/internet
  • Lack of safe space to live for Fall
  • The lack of having an adequate place/resources to study at home
  • A medical need to live on campus
  • The need for a place to succeed for mental wellbeing
  • The need for a place to succeed for academic wellbeing
  • The need for housing due to a lab/internship


  1. Are there costs for student housing?

Yes. Housing costs for the Fall 2020 semester are as follows:

  • Standard Room Types:
    • Doubles – $3,520 – 1 bedroom/1 bath shared by 2 students
    • Triples – $3,200 – 1 bedroom/1 bath with larger living space shared by 3 students
    • Quads – $2,920 – 2 bedrooms/1 bath shared by 4 students
    • 6-person – $2,300 – 3 bedrooms/2 bath shared by 6 students – Please contact Housing staff for availability
  • Social Distance Housing (Housing with fewer occupants at MVP and PA Place):
    • Single Room in 2 Bedroom – $4,500 – 2 bedrooms/1 bath shared by 2 students
    • Single Room in 3 Bedroom – $4,100 – 3 bedrooms/2 bath shared by 3 students
    • Preferred Triples – $3,350 – 2 bedrooms/2 bath shared by 3 students


  1. Is it safe to stay in student housing?

The current pandemic is a changing situation. There is always a risk that you will assume by living in a community environment in an urban area during a potential pandemic event. Consequently, there is no way to guarantee that you will not be exposed to or contract COVID-19 while in HU student housing.

Common areas in student housing will be disinfected in accordance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) protocols on a frequent basis. Furthermore, HU is implementing state of the art air disinfectant system that will be used in individual dorm rooms on a regular and rotating basis. But even with these efforts, students are responsible for frequently cleaning and disinfecting their living spaces.

If selected for student housing, there will also be mandatory COVID-19 behavioral protocols in place for all residents and the failure to follow these protocols may result in student discipline and/or the loss of housing privileges.


  1. How will the move-in for housing be conducted to ensure social distancing?

Move-in will be staggered over a week between August 24th-28th through a sign-in process. RAs would be available to guide families regarding where to go and the move-in process.


  1. Upon my arrival, will I be required to be quarantine in my student housing room?

Yes. To ensure a safe living environment, all students, including the Esports team, are to remain quarantined in their rooms for the first 14 days of their arrival to campus. Students may only leave their rooms for food, necessities, medical visits, or religious services. When they do so, they must wear a mask whenever they leave their room and must maintain social distancing. This will be strictly enforced.


  1. Are there special protocols in place that must be followed while in student housing?
  • Students must wear face masks and observe social distancing whenever they leave their room, are in common areas, or enter any HU building (if permitted).
  • Daily temperature screenings will occur of all students at a yet to be determined schedule.
  • No more than two students may occupy an elevator at any given time.
  • Gatherings in common areas will be permitted only if social distancing can be observed.
  • RAs will continue room rounds but desk duties would discontinue.
  • Online community building activities will be offered.
  • Most Residence Life interaction will primarily move online. In cases of need, staff (wearing a mask and other PPE) would enter student units to carry out work duties. However, Staff and student staff will remain reachable online and through on-call phone.
  • All students are responsible for ensuring sufficient supplies to meet their needs for the duration of their stay in housing. HU cannot guarantee that retail and restaurant establishments will remain open should things escalate or change due to the presence of COVID-19.
  • Students are obligated to follow all healthy and safety instructions of HU staff regarding preventative measures to address COVID 19 concerns as they develop, including those not specifically contained in any housing Agreement or these FAQs.


  1. What if I, or my roommate, begin to exhibit COVID-19 like symptoms?

All students living in housing must inform Student Services if they develop any symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as a fever, cough, weakness, and shortness of breath or any other updated symptoms as defined by the CDC.

Any student living on-campus who gets sick will be required to visit a healthcare facility and inform housing staff of the results.

Housing staff will have available empty housing units on-campus to use as safety/quarantine rooms for any housing student who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms. Any student exhibiting symptoms will be temporarily moved to a quarantine room for a period of time until it is safe to return to his/her assigned housing.

Student understands that HU may be required to report any positive cases of COVID-19 to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and be required to follow directives it provides.


  1. Will guests be permitted in student housing?

Students should not have any other individuals in their living space other than those assigned to it. Any meetings for academic or social purposes must occur in an area where social distancing can be observed.

No outside guests will be allowed overnight or for visits to student units (outside move-in and move-out dates). Guests can meet students outside the front doors of the residence halls for any pickups or drop offs. Only exception would be if they were transporting any heavy items to the student rooms, but they would only help them to the door of the building.


  1. How will I receive my mail and packages?

Mail will be done through a sign-up sheet with the RA on duty during available slots during the week. There would be additional slots open during the weekend for students to collect packages. There will be no more walk-ins to ensure appropriate social distancing. Door to door delivery would be on a case by case basis depending on package/item.


  1. How will I know if there is a change to HU operations?

All members of the HU Community should monitor the HU COVID-19 webpage for announcements and resources: https://covid.harrisburgu.edu/.


  1. Will there be a new student orientation?

Absolutely. But everything (including the fun) will be safely moved online. A schedule will be provided in the near future.


  1. I am having technology related issues. Who should I email?

You should follow the standard protocol and complete a help desk ticket at: https://ithelp.harrisburgu.edu. IT continues to monitor this account and provide support technical services remotely.


  1. I have recently developed a medical issue that requires I seek an academic or housing accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Who should I contact?

For the immediate future, contact Aaron Rock, Assistant Director of Student Success at arock@harrisburgu.edu.


  1. I believe I may have experienced or witness behavior that may not comply with HU policy. With whom should I discuss my concerns?

For the immediate future, contact Melissa Morgan, Director of Student Services at mmorgan@harrisburgu.edu.


  1. If I am experiencing personal difficulties during this time, whether or not related to COVID-19, are there support services for students?

The Counseling Center is available to provide a variety of remote mental health support services during the online Fall 2020 semester. These free, confidential and nonjudgmental services are available to students enrolled in both our Harrisburg and Philadelphia programs. HUCC services include individual telemental health appointments, consultation, referrals and information. Availability of certain ongoing services to students residing outside of PA may vary due to state mental health licensing laws.

We will also be offering virtual workshops on topics like mindfulness and dealing with stress related to online learning during this pandemic. If you are interested in finding out more about any counseling services, please reach out! We can be contacted at counseling@harrisburgu.edu or 717-901-5100, ext 1727 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

The Counseling Center will also continue to update our SharePoint site with information and resources on a wide array of mental health topics: https://myharrisburgu.sharepoint.com/sites/SSCounseling In addition, HU’s BHS student support program is available 24/7/365 to all students, anywhere in the US, at 800-327-2251. BHS also offers a live chat option and lots of resources online at https://portal.bhsonline.com/ (Login: Harrisburgu).