Harrisburg University Official Notice – March 19, 2020
As COVID-19 continues to spread, Harrisburg University is taking the action to further limit personal contact consistent with the Pennsylvania Governor’s Proclamation by requiring all employees, who are not directly involved in the life-support of our approximately 155 students who remain in University affiliated housing, to work from home. Harrisburg University will no longer staff student facing functions including but not limited to the Registrar’s Office, the Library, the Business Office, the Office of International Students, and the Financial Aid Office from University facilities. Rather, these functions should now remain staffed during normal business hours by employees working from home. Supervisors should determine specific staffing plans in each functional area and communicate to individual staff members over the next day. Staff may access University facilities tomorrow, March 20, 2020 before 10:00 am, and for no more than 5 minutes, to get their laptops or other equipment to work from home.

This change takes effect today, March 19, 2020 at 8:00 pm and continues until 8:00 am Monday March 30, 2020 unless otherwise notified. Employees who work their regular hours remotely, will continue to receive their regular pay based on their normal work schedule. Standard protocols for PTO apply if you are unable to work due to illness or if you need to take personnel time.

Staff directly involved in the life-support of our students includes student services, student housing, security, maintenance, information technology and student mental healthcare personnel. Only staff from these functional areas may continue to access University facilities. Additionally, University personnel who are directly involved in the provision of food and supplies to our students may continue entering University facilities.

Faculty will continue to work remotely. Faculty are asked to remain in regular contact with their program lead, and to continue to offer regular office hours electronically. Faculty needing help or ideas for online course delivery are encouraged to continue working remotely with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning.

All aquaponics facilities may be maintained.

Maintain Confidentiality of Business Practices
Employees must take all precautions necessary to secure sensitive and confidential information, including student, staff, alumni, donor records and information, etc., and prevent unauthorized access to University equipment and proprietary information. The performance of job duties remotely may require the handling of confidential information, and continued compliance with all applicable policies is an essential requirement in this arrangement. Employees must protect information from improper disclosure to, or access by, other persons, including other members of the employee’s household. Employees must take appropriate steps to ensure the security of all work-related materials, data, and equipment.