March 31, 2022

Harrisburg University has decided that programs for current and new transfer graduate students will continue to be delivered in a virtual manner for the 2022 Summer (May 7, 2022 – August 20, 2022) Semester. No in-person sessions will be required for these students, but virtual attendance will be required.

If you arrived in the United States based on the issuance of on an F-1 visa for the Spring 2022 or later term from Harrisburg University to attend in-person executive courses (i.e., those courses that have three required in-person meetings per semester), you will continue to attend in-person executive format classes for subsequent semesters throughout the duration of your program. One in-person executive course is required per semester.

Federal guidelines for international students studying in the US continue to allow for greater flexibility in how programs are delivered and managed. Under the continuing but temporary federal guidelines, students still need to be monitored (e.g., attendance taken and verified), show academic progress (through their work), and maintain their full-time course load. International students studying at HU will maintain their visa status and be allowed to remain in the US to study and work as long as the students continue to attend and fully participate in classes in their designated format including Executive Sessions.

The University is offering its Master of Science in Project Management and its Master of Science in Computer Science in-person for the Summer 2022 semester for new international students (meaning students who are not currently in the country). This will allow students overseas to obtain an I-20 from Harrisburg University (HU) to begin the visa process. These students will take classes in a hybrid format with weekly online classes and appear on campus three times during the semester. Students traveling to the United States should view the Requirements for Air Travelers to the U.S. and International Travel Requirements and
Recommendations as these change regularly.

Students with questions regarding visa status are encouraged to review the information available at International Students FAQ – Harrisburg University and generate a new support request at ISO Help for specific questions.

Please continue to monitor HU’s COVID-19 webpage for news and developments:

NOTE: Any HU student who is experiencing concerns such as anxiety, depression, or academic stress because of this issue is welcome to contact the BHS Student Assistance Program. You can login via the app/web,, or call 800-327-2251. The username is HarrisburgU. Outreach to BHS is confidential, and each student is assigned a master’s level clinician as a care coordinator. BHS will provide HU students with quality, in-the-moment support.