Coronavirus Information and Resources

Official updates from HU regarding the current status of the
COVID-19 virus and its impact on the university

Coronavirus Information and Resources

Official updates from HU regarding the current status of the
COVID-19 virus and its impact on the university

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Official Statement

Coronavirus Update for the Harrisburg University Community

September 30, 2020

Announcement to all Harrisburg University Employees: Remote Work Update

Harrisburg University has continued to actively monitor the trends, developments, and science of COVID-19 with one primary concern in mind: keeping the HU Community safe and healthy. After seven months, I appreciate that you may be experiencing “COVID fatigue” and would like nothing more than to return to campus and to resume our past “normal.” You are not alone in that wish. However, during these past several months, this pandemic has required us to make difficult decisions in unprecedented and unpredictable times. The passing of time and changing circumstances have not made these difficult decisions easier. Consequently, after multiple discussions among leaders of the HU Community and after reviewing the current COVID trends that remain significant and ongoing in Pennsylvania, we have decided that all employee operations will continue remotely until Monday, January 4, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise instructed. Returning to campus prior to this time and potentially compromising the health, safety, and welfare of the HU Community would be irresponsible under current circumstances.

Staff directly involved in the life-support of our students such as student services, student housing, security, maintenance, information technology, and student mental healthcare personnel will continue to have access to campus. Only staff from these functional areas, in addition to facility cleaning and maintenance (e.g., maintenance of aquaponics facilities), may continue entering University facilities on a regular basis. Additionally, HU personnel who are directly involved in the provision of food and supplies to our students may continue entering University facilities.

As we have operated since March, HU will not staff student facing functions including but not limited to the Registrar’s Office, the Library, the Office of Admissions, the Business Office, the Office of International Students, and the Financial Aid Office from University facilities. Rather, these functions should remain staffed during normal business hours by employees working from home. All other functions should also continue to be staffed from home offices, including all course delivery. Faculty are asked to remain in regular contact with their program lead, and to continue to offer regular office hours electronically. All other HU employees should remain in regular contact with their supervisors and maintain normal working hours.

Employees who work their regular hours remotely, will continue to receive their regular pay based on their normal work schedule. Standard protocols for PTO apply for applicable employees if you are unable to work due to illness or if you need to take personal time.

Requirement to Maintain Confidentiality of Business Information and Educational Records

Employees must take all necessary precautions to secure sensitive and confidential information and prevent the unauthorized access to University equipment and proprietary information. This includes but is not limited to student, employee, alumni, and donor records and information. Employees must also take appropriate steps to ensure the security of all work-related materials, data, and equipment and protect HU information from improper disclosure to, or access by, other persons, including other members of the employee’s household. The performance of job duties remotely and the handling of confidential information must comply with all applicable HU policies. Compliance is an essential requirement in this arrangement.

NOTE: Any HU employee needing 1) financial resource information, 2) legal resource information or 3) help coping with anxiety and stress should contact the confidential Employee Assistance Program at 1-800-316-2796.

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Support Services

Pa. launches statewide helpline for those struggling with anxiety due to coronavirus

The number to call: 1-855-284-2494. For TTY, dial 724-631-5600

Read Full Article for more information

If you are a member of the HU Community who is experiencing concerns, such as anxiety, depression, or stress please contact the following 24/7 confidential support services:

Students: BHS Student Assistance Program. Login via the app/web,,  or call 800-327-2251. The username is HarrisburgU.

Employees: Mutual of Omaha Employee Assistance Program (EAP): 1-800-316-2796.

Financial Aid: The Office of Financial Aid will remain staffed, so we will be available during regular business hours to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Reach out to or call (717) 901-5100 x 1672.

Also, If you are a former HU student or alumni who is currently paying on student loans, and have questions regarding the government response to the COVID-19 outbreak as it pertains to student loans, please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office.  We will answer your questions to the best of our knowledge and ability. 

Philadelphia Location

By now you are aware that the University is moving all classes to an online format. During this time all students will continue to have access to Student Services. If you have regularly scheduled bi-weekly meetings with me, or any other needs, questions and concerns, I am still available as your point of contact.  Please be aware that you also have Academic Resources such as tutoring and learning strategies available on SharePoint. I know this shift was unexpected so let’s stay connected to make sure you are receiving the support you need.

Also, If you are experiencing concerns such as anxiety, depression or academic stress as a result of this issue, please contact the BHS Student Assistance Program  Username: HarrisburgU, or call 800-327-2251.

Philadelphia Student Support Contact:

Melissa A. Morgan
Director of Student Services

Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to sign up for emergency campus alerts via email or text message by logging into MyHU and accessing the Omnilert (formerly e2Campus) signup form. Students will find the form under the Student Services tab. Staff and Faculty will find it under the Intranet tab. Harrisburg University’s Emergency Notification Service (ENS) is used to communicate with subscribers through voice, text, and email messages, as deemed appropriate in the event of an emergency. Each subscriber can designate up to three contact numbers and specify text, email and/or voice messages. The Emergency Notification Service is designed for use with portable devices and is only one aspect of a layered approach to notifying the University community of emergencies.

HU Contact Information:


Graduate Student Services

Any general questions related to International student’s affairs, orientation, travel, parking etc.

International Student Office

Questions related to CPT, SEVIS and I-20

Records and Registration

Questions related to class schedule, registration and transcripts

Business Office

Questions related to tuition or payments

IT Help Desk

Questions related to MyHU Login credentials, Canvas and laptop requirements

IT Help Desk

HU Security Desk

Questions related to security and campus safety

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid will remain staffed, so we will be available during regular business hours to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.
717.901-5100 x 1672

Philadelphia Student Support Contact

Questions related to Philadelphia Student Support
717.901.5100 x 1734